R. Potter Construction is a hands-on custom builder that builds a limited number of homes per year. We will personally lead you through the entire building process, including the design phase, providing a detailed cost estimate, construction management, construction cost and budget control, quality assurance, and scheduling.

Design Phase:

R. Potter Construction provides planning services through local draftsmen, architects, and online. We will advise you on local available properties, home placement options on a property, soil conditions that may affect the construction of your home or septic system, and local building code requirements.

Detailed Cost Estimate:

All cost estimates are made in-house. We start by requesting the cost estimates of individual components from all suppliers and trade contractors involved in your project. Once the estimate is complete, we will review it with you and, if necessary, revise costs to better suit your needs and budget. This process will ensure you have the most accurate and detailed estimate possible.


Construction Management:

We will personally manage the day-to-day construction of your home, be available for your questions and concerns, assist you in your product choices, and advise as necessary to ensure your home meets your expectations and budget.


Construction Cost and Budget Control:

Our detailed cost estimate includes a section for both estimated and actual cost. The actual cost is updated whenever an invoice has been paid. You will receive a copy of the detailed cost estimate containing the actual cost of your home monthly. This will help ensure your home is kept within your budget.


Quality Assurance:

We work to assure the quality of each project through the whole process. We start by choosing reputable suppliers and trade contractors and selecting the proper materials for different applications. With forty years of overall construction experience, twenty five of which as state licensed contractors, we are always available to answer questions and our suppliers and contractors are always ready to offer advice.



Once the home is under a roof, the schedule will be posted in the home with adjustments made daily according to ordered and delivered materials, trade contractor schedules, and changes in the weather. Posted schedules are helpful for the homeowner, but they are even more helpful to the onsite suppliers and trade contractors. It keeps them informed as to when materials were ordered, when they will be delivered, and when work needs to be completed. Our goal isn’t to construct your home as fast as possible; it is to construct your home properly and as efficiently as possible.


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